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1 Household Gender Age
William G. Mcelrea M 54
spouse Sarah Mcelrea F 35
child Francis Mcelrea M 13
child Martha Mcelrea F 11
child Charles Mcelrea M 10
child Emma Mcelrea F 7
child Carrie Mcelrea F 4
child Thomas Mcelrea M 1 
McElrea, William George (I3184)
2 "...according to the form and discipline of the Presbyterian Church." Family F3
3 "...He was nine years old when the family closed their butcher shop in Mound City, South Dakota, and moved to Wapato,
Washington. Cliff attended school there, finishing the 10th grade. He later received his high school diploma and completed one year
of college. Clifford served in the U.S. Navy from 1944 to 1970, which included WWII, and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. He was
3 01 Nov2011
a hospital corpsman while in the Navy. Following his discharge Cliff worked in the Northwest Hardwoods Sawmill, pulling lumber on
the green chain. He then worked for Blue Cross of W ashington and Alaska as a professional relations representative. He then
worked for Union Chemicals of Kenai, Alaska as a fire and safety man. Cliff then worked for Mining and Petroleum Train Services
and the Marine Highway Ferries in conjunction with the University of Alaska, teaching asbestos abatement and hazardous materials
handling. Clifford has traveled widely in Alaska and did commercial fishing for salmon and halibut for a time. In 1953 Clifford married
JoAnn Clemens. The couple had four children, Mark, David, Carol, and JoAnn. This marriage ended in divorce. In 1967 Clifford
married Annie Jones. Annie is a bookkeeper and prepares income tax reports. Cliff enjoys reading, hunting and fishing. He has lived
in Kenai, Alaska since 1975. He belongs to the Veterans of Foreign W ars, AMVETS, and the American Legion." 
Family F502
4 "...Phyllis tells me the reason Mac came to the United States was that he had a serious falling out with his father, Sam McElrea. Mac first homesteaded on 360 acres near Bruce, Montana. Phyllis and Del found the homestead papers among Betty's things after she died. During WW I he joined the United States Army, and service to the country offered him a chance to become an American citizen. It also provided dual citizenship for his children until they were old enough to declare their allegiance to one country or the other. They are all United States citizens.

When and why Mac left Montana for South Dakota no one is sure. Art Kluckman, a former resident of Mound City, recalls Mac as being a 'prince of a fellow.' He also remembered that Mac was town Marshall for Mound City.

A decision was made to move to Washington State, start a new life, and improve chances for the family. Mac drove out alone to look for work, found employment with the Pacific Fruit Company in Wapato, and returned for his family."  
McElrea, William Robert (I2308)
5 "A little boy, two years old, son of Robert McElrea of St. Raymond, was drowned in the River St. Ann on Monday, the 15th instant, by falling out of a skiff. The body was found Wednesday." McElrea, Robert Samuel (I2162)
6 "A native of Bourg Louis, Mr. Davidson was for many years a member of the Montreal Police Force. On his retirement from that body four year's ago, he returned to this parish and took up his residence at his farm at Chute Panet." Died in his 54th year. (Source: newspaper obituary, no name, no date)
Marriage record gives his residence as the City of Montreal and his occupation as mechanic. His father is deceased and his mother living, October 5, 1910. 
Davidson, William Thomas (I2166)
7 "Auntie Toppy" did not marry. McElrea, Eveline (I3146)
8 "Betty was the first of seven children born to Harry Jay Allen and Hattie Mae Hankins. She grew up in Mound City where she attended public school, finishing the 8th grade. In June 1923 Betty married William Robert McElrea. They had seven children: Delbert, Clifford, Phyllis, Joyce, W ayne, Robert and Ronald.
Bill and Betty operated a butcher shop in Mound City, and the family lived in rooms above the shop. Vera Alexancer told us that Betty was quite musical and became a fine pianist. When she played the piano in her upstairs home the townspeople would line up along the sidewalk to listen. Son Bob recalls that in 1936, a combination of depression, drought, and faulty refrigeration in the butcher
shop made it impossible to continue in that business, and the family moved to Wapato, Washington where Bill worked as a laborer in the orchard industry. Bill died of heart disease in 1941 leaving Betty with seven children ages five to seventeen. Because of her large family she was advised to stay home with the children rather than find work. Five years later she moved to Yakima where she did find work as a hostess for a large business office. Betty developed insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, and at age 55 suffered a heart
attack. A few years later she developed liver cancer and died at age 60. In her younger years she was an avid card player, very athletic, and a good softball player. Her niece, Vera Alexander, states that 'she could beat up anyone who got out of line'. Vera also stated that she was very good natured and was quick to forgive."
Allen, Emma Ida (I2309)
9 "Delbert was the first of seven children born to Emma Ida Allen and W illiam McElrea. He was twelve years old when the family
moved to Washington. His father died in 1941 when Del was 15. Being the oldest he was assigned the father's role in the family
which was rather stressful. Following high school Delbert worked for many years for Northwest Airlines in Yakima and Seattle. He
had long had an ambition to own and operate a restaurant, and in 1960 he resigned his job with the airline and went into business for
himself in Seattle. In May 1951 Delbert married Marian Shaw. The couple had two children, Joe Elwin and Maureen Estelle. Delbert
was quite musical, playing and organ. He always felt a great responsibility for his Aunt Stella in Mound City, South Dakota. The
family reports spending many vacations driving to South Dakota to look after Auntie.
Del had just opened a new restaurant at the time of his death. Death came suddenly and unexpectedly while driving. Happily,
no one was injured. The family were Baptists." 
McElrea, Delbert Allen (I2311)
10 "Ireland Marriages, 1619-1898," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 29 May 2015), James Mcelrea and Margaret Hamilton, 16 Feb 1854; citing Ardstraw, Tyr, Ire, reference 2:3DGX8W6; FHL microfilm 101,361. Family F386
11 "It is interesting to note that my Grandma Gracie does say in her reminiscences that her parents became engaged by correspondence when her mother was in Denver and her father (George T.) was "in California," so that may be a clue."..........Judith Osterberg Sylte Tifft, George Thomas (I89)
12 "services were held at Olligger Chapel on Tuesday the 19th, followed by Masonic interment at Riverside Cemetery, conducted by Harmony Lodge.".........Judith Osterberg Sylte Tifft, George Thomas (I89)
13 "Sunday, June 16, 1776

--this day John McElrea, Israel Dibble and Martin Dudley arrived at Willsborough, the former commenced this day week at £18 p ann., and the 2 latter this day at 45s p mo."--Gilliland

Willsboro, New York
McElrea, John (I3347)
14 (Lot 167, Block A) Tifft, George Frank (I24)
15 1901 Census has names and birthdates of this couple. He is a native of Quebec; she of Ireland, arriving in Canada in 1845. Both are Presbyterian and he is a farmer. They speak English. McElrea, Alexander (I2484)
16 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246-1530 
Repository (R46)
17 8 children in total; two died before WG's death in 1915 Family F421
18 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F133
19 a member of Christian Endeavor, a church group. Tifft, Edward Bradford (I5)
20 a member of the Girl's Friendly Society, a church group. McElrea, Margaret May (I6)
21 A notice to The Secretary, Malvern Cemetery, Lennoxville, Quebec from Mabel Gertrude McElrea on behalf of the McElrea family reads as follows:
I hereby authorize you to substitute the name of J. Henry Woodside of Lennoxville, Que. on the books of the Cemetery Co., as owner of the unoccupied portion of lot 36, Block 1 in the said cmetery, now standing in the name of my uncle, the late John Allan. A later note reads:
I hereby authorize the transfer of the above ot James McLeod of Lennoxville. Signed in Lennoxville May 11, 1942 by J. H. Woodside. 
McElrea, Mabel Gertrude (Gertie) (I2257)
22 a soloist in the church choir. Memory, Florence Evelyn (I25)
23 A veteran of World War II, he farmed and later owned a store at Walter's Falls, Ontario. McElrea, Victor Arnott (I2415)
24 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2269)
25 Accessed online at (Genealogy and History for the San Francisco Bay Area) Source (S704)
26 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2404)
27 after a long illness (parotid cancer). She refused treatment by doctors, following her religious beliefs, and was cared for by her daughter Margaret at home. When death was imminent and the family could no longer care for her, she was taken to the hospital. Fulton, Isabella Jane (I3)
28 after a long illness and a recent fall at home. He was in good spirits the night before when he spoke to his wife Margaret on the phone, but died suddenly the next morning. Tifft, Edward Bradford (I5)
29 After his mother's death, he sold the McElrea homestead to a Paré (family had a store in St. Raymond) who sold it to a Bureau (who had an ox) who sold it to Marjorie McElrea's Uncle Willie. Uncle Willie was taken in by a "rascal" who bought it on the understanding that Willie could continue living there. However, later Willie came to Herbie's place and said that the rascal, a man named Gaston Corbeil (a former military man) had put him out. Then there was a fire (by arson apparently, since straw had been spread all around the house) and the bank took it over. The land was then sold to a Gilpin and it is still owned by a member of that family. They have built a cabin, so that someone may stay there to oversee the cattle at calving time.
Marjorie McElrea told me all this. When I asked her why my grandfather, this William, had moved from Portneuf County, she supposed that the farm land was not fertile enough. He worked in Ford's Mill to put aside enough money to buy a better place in the Eastern Townships, she thought. Written June, 2006. 
McElrea, William (I2115)
30 Aged 103 years. McElrea, William (I3078)
31 Aged 63 yrs., buried in Bourg Louis. Witnesses: Kate, Herbert, & Mabel McElrea. Ingham, Barbara (I2752)
32 Aged 81 years at death? Ingham, Catherine (I2147)
33 All their children were apparently born in Owen Sound. McElrea, Stuart Ernest (I2276)
34 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2196)
35 Appears in 1796 Flax Growers' List, Co. Tyrone. Living in Dromore. M'Elray, Edward (I3171)
36 Appears in the 1796 Flax Growers' List, Co. Tyrone. Living in Ardstraw. M'Elray, Daniel (I3170)
37 Army, Bangor, Co. Down Harris, ? (I3306)
38 Arrival in Canada Ingham, Catherine (I2147)
39 As a young woman, she was active in theatricals in Portneuf.
After her marriage and while living in the McElrea homestead in Pointe Basse, she would drive the cattle to and from another pasture on Herbie McElrea's land. 
McLeod, Elizabeth (I2152)
40 Ashes to be buried at Christ Church Cemetery, Cowansville, Quebec Rogers, Robert (I2884)
41 at her home McElrea, Margaret May (I6)
42 At the Wiarton reunion, June 2001, I was told that the Hewtons had moved to that area and Samuel followed so that he could marry Emma. Hewton, Emma (I2150)
43 At Wiarton, June 24, 2001, we were told that he came to Canada in 1899, working on a cattle boat owned by ? Stewart. James married the boss' daughter, Mary.
Kari McElrea says that her grandfather was born in 1904 and his older brother, Fergus, was born in Canada in 1900. James made his way up the Great Lakes and stopped in Port Stanley, Ontario. He settled in Usborne Township at Kirkton Union, where he is buried. 
McElrea, James (I2941)
44 Awarded the M. B. E. Russell, Eden (I3319)
45 based on Electronic Army Serial Number Merged File, 1938-1946;
World War II Army Enlistment Records; Records of the National
Archives and Records Administration, Record Group 64; National
Archives at College Park, College Park, Maryland. 
Source (S600)
46 birth date calculated from census McElrea, Robert (I3522)
47 birth date estimate from marriage record McElrea, Fanny (I1570)
48 Birth recorded by F.J. McCullough (Dr. or midwife?). McElrea, Elizabeth Gladys (I14)
49 Birth was recorded by S.C. Runkle (Dr. or midwife?). McElrea, William John (I11)
50 Births Dec 1850
Chivers Julia, Clutton 11 96 
Chivers, Julia E. (I96)

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