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151 He got a wood chip in his right(?) eye as a young lad and could only differentiate between lightness and darkness with it. (Information from his son, Garth.) McElrea, William Gordon (I2154)
152 He had a tourist lodge near Elliot Lake called Wilderness Lodge. He and brother, Stewart, went to northern Ontario about the same time. They both worked in the uranium mines at Elliot Lake for a time. (Source: Kari McElrea)
Wife may be Dora I Tulloch (1904 - 1982) or Eileen A. Tulloch (1910 - 1972) 
McElrea, Ranald (I2944)
153 He lived north of Elliot Lake and had a tourist lodge, "Frontier Lodge", situated on McElrea Lake. (Source: Kari McElrea)
Wife may be Dora I Tulloch (1904 - 1982) or Eileen A. Tulloch (1910 - 1972)

In October 2005, Kathleen Cooper found the listing of the sale of an advertising card for Stewart McElrea's Fishing & Hunting Camp, 51 miles north of Iron Bridge on Mountain Lake. Garth and Marilyn visited this site last year. The lake is now called McElrea Lake. James McElrea's sister stayed there once recently and reported it to be "rustic." James says that she is accustomed to four star accomodation. 
McElrea, Stewart (I2957)
154 He may be the ancestor that Marjorie McElrea talked to me about today, June 12, 2005. She said that one of her great great grandfather's was a hooper or a barrel maker. His wife and son died of cholera. He raised two little girls and one of them - probably Margaret - went to Bourg Louis as a young woman and married her grandfather. Livington, Robert (I2186)
155 He may have married and had a business in Newtownstewart. McElrea, James (I3049)
156 He was a farm labourer or forest worker for most of his life. McElrea, Walter John (I2273)
157 He was a farmer and railroad worker. In retirement, he was an avid vegetable gardener.
I have a tape of an interview I did with him. 
McElrea, Donald Angus (I2155)
158 He was a farmer. Slack, Joseph (I2325)
159 He was a farmer. His farm was at Bognor, Ontario.
Linda Hackett, his granddaughter, says that he lived in Wiarton and some surrounding areas like Meaford. That he went into the army and was a Canadian Army guard in World War 2 stationed at Timmons, the site of a German prisoner of war camp. She also mentioned a farm at RR no. 3 Woodford Ontario and then they moved to London, ON 
McElrea, Theodore Edward (I2348)
160 He was a part-time minister. He took over operation of his father's store in later life. He visited Quebec in the 1930s. Source: David McElrea, Ottawa. McElrea, John Allan (I2258)
161 He was a pilot during World War I. After, he became a chiropractor. Lived in Winnipeg. McElrea, Frank Borland (I2262)
162 He was a sheep farmer at Iron Bridge. (Source: Kari McElrea) McElrea, Irvine (I2953)
163 He was a travelling minister. (Source: Kari McElrea) McElrea, Fergus (I2943)
164 He was a veteran of World War I and ran a garage. As well, he was a mailman.
He is listed online as a member of the Expeditionary Force, no. RN 651777. 
McElrea, Herbert Samuel (I2336)
165 He was in the army band of an anti-aircraft artillary regiment in Farnham, Quebec, while he was working in Granby. McElrea, Garth Edward (I2190)
166 He was with the REEME's in Sherbrooke. McElrea, Ronald Ian (I2191)
167 He went to St. Boniface in the employ of the railroad as a wireless operator. It is said that he married and left for the west on the same day. This would explain the marriage in Sherbrooke, where he may have been working for the railway prior to moving west. He was the first station agent at St. Boniface and the couple lived in a boxcar home. Using his railway pass, he would go to Portage La Prairie to get supplies for the settlers. Seeing an opportunity, he left the railway and set up a store in Sidney, Manitoba. He became well off, building a fine house of stone imported from California and wood from Australia.
Although I have not seen it, I am told that the Sidney, Manitoba centennial book has information about him and his family. 
McElrea, John (I2110)
168 He worked for a typewriter company. He lives at 186 Madison Crescent, Brandon, Manitoba. McElrea, Robert Edward (I2439)
169 He works for the Manitoba Telephone Company.
Marjorie McElrea says he has 4 children. 
McElrea, Douglas Ramsey (I2438)
170 Heart attack Davidson, Frances Dinah (I2120)
171 Heart attack, while clearing his the snow from his vehicle, stuck in driveway.

Medical: Coroner's report. Body found shortly after death. 
Lake, Gleason Irwin (Sam) (I2205)
172 Her family and childhood friends called her Peggy. When she married, Ed always called her Margaret. McElrea, Margaret May (I6)
173 Her maiden name may have been "Neish" - source: David McElrea, Ottawa. This is confirmed by her grandson, Colin McElrea, who spells it "Niesh" and who also has a family Bible that was given to her on the occasion of her marriage. McNish, Hazel Euphemia (I2263)
174 Her surname was spelled 'McAlrea.' McElrea, Mary Ann (I2820)
175 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2275)
176 his middle name was the surname of a neighbor who was very nice to the kids when they were growing up - he had a berry patch and would tell them 'put all you don't eat in the basket.' McElrea, Allen Latshaw (I13)
177 His second son was named Samuel George Memory and this has caused some confusion. [kic] Memory, Samuel James (I95)
178 His son declared that father, James J. McElrea, was living in Omagh, Co. Tyrone McElrea, John J. (I3290)
179 Repository (REPO87)
180 Repository (REPO86)
181 Repository (R5)
182 I assume that this James, father of Ann whose mother's name is Eliza, is also the husband of Elizabeth Hamilton.
Since the marriage was in the same church as that of my great, great grandparents, he could be a brother of my William. 
McElrea, James (I2826)
183 I have presumed the identity of this couple as parents of my great grandfather, based on naming patterns used by my grandfather. McElrea, William (I3292)
184 I think that it was this Willie McElrea who is the subject of Marjorie McElrea's statement: "Uncle Willie sold the place to a rascal who did not abide by the agreement and burnt the house." He was her father's brother. McElrea, William Ingham (I2159)
185 If William, born 1846, is his son, the surname is spelled 'McIrea' by the minister. The residence is Montreal. The wife's surname is spelled 'Rean'. Since neither husband nor wife can sign, the interpretation of their names is the decision of the minister. The sponsors were Jules Legendre, Samuel Johnston, and Maria Dixon, all of whom signed their names.

The 1842 census entry for William gives his occupation as farmer, with 2 in the family. In religion, one is listed as a member of the Church of Rome, the other as Presbyterian. Both are said to be in the province 9 years and both are natives of Ireland. The man is aged between 21 and 30; the female between 14 and 45. The rest is agricultural information. (Source: Chambly, 1st division, p. 2079) 
Macilrae, William (I2474)
186 In 2007, Colin McElrea told me that he has a family Bible that she received upon the occasion of her marriage. Allan, Jane (Jennie) Thompson (I2149)
187 In Ardstraw Parish, Knockroe McElrea, John (I3240)
188 In college Snodgrass, Anthony McElrea (I3303)
189 In Donaghedy Parish, Tirkernaghan McIlrea, Robert (I3238)
190 In Drumragh Parish, Lissan McElrea, James (I3241)
191 In nursing Snodgrass, Ann (I3304)
192 In October 2000, she lived in Bobcaygeon, Ontario (K0M 1A0), according to Denise McElrea, California, who printed out a list of names from the Canadian telephone and address listings on Gray, Linda Jean (I2442)
193 In school Andrews, Brian (I3313)
194 in the presence of Betty Bagan Family F7
195 in the presence of Gladys Norris and A. E. Hart Family F6
196 In Upper Bodoney Parish, Tullagherin McElrea, John (I3239)
197 Incorrectly stated on death certificate Powell, Sarah Ann (I1414)
198 Interment, Maple Grove Cemetery, Melbourne, Quebec. Grey, Myrtle Mildred (I2608)
199 Interment, Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal Ransom, Mary Elizabeth (I2124)
200 Interment, St. Bartholomew's Church Cemetery, Bourg Louis. McElrea, Ethel Barbara (I2160)

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