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351 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3128)
352 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3136)
353 wife of James McElrea, Alaghlan? [w\o James McElrea-Alaghlan], (I2809)
354 wife of John McElrea, Carrigans [w\o John McElrea-Carrigans], (I2805)
355 William was a pilot in World War II. He then worked for an international aviation organization, based in Montreal, with responsibility for setting up airports around the world, He lived in Beaconsfield. He died of throat cancer. Moody McElrea told me that he was with the United Nations in Burma, laying out airfields.
His second name may be Gerald. (In fact, I have changed it from Gordon to Gerald.) If it is he who died on February 28, 1979, he died in Dollard des Ormeaux. In the Index des décès, his wife's last name is Gray. All to be verified. He may have two daughters. One of them may be Lynn Ellen who married Jaanus Roht in Ste. Anne on March 3, 1961. She may have been born in 1939.
Marjorie McElrea verified that he had two girls: Lynn and Valerie, and that Lynn had one boy. Therefore, the information in the above paragraph must be accurate.

From RCAF Personnel - Honours and Awards - 1939 - 1949:

McElrea, F/L William Gerald (J2935) - Air Force Cross - No. 168 Squadron (RCAF) - Award effectuve 1 January as per Canada Gazette of that date and AFRO 82/46 dated 25 January 1946 - Enrolled at Trenton, 6 November 1939) Trained at No. 1 ITS (graduated 23 May 1940) Calgary Aero Club (graduated 22 June 1940) and No. 1 ITS (graduated 17 September 1940). At date of award had flown 2,834 hours....This officer has for the past year and one-half, been employed as Captain on the Trans-Atlantic and Mediterranean service, flying mail to armed forces in the different theatres of war.... 
McElrea, William Gerald (Joe) (I2441)
356 William's nicknames were Mac and Willie. The Canadian family called him Willie but he went by Mac in the US. McElrea, William Robert (I2308)
357 William, as he was called, was killed overseas during World War I. He apparently won some medals which are in the possession of his niece, Mildred, who lives in Portage La Prairie.
Moody, his brother, told me that his nicknames were Spike or Bill.
He is listed online as a member of the Expeditionary Force, no. RN 500437. 
McElrea, Charles William (I2259)
358 Witnessed by Andrew John McElrea Family F26
359 Witnesses at burial: John Long, John Ricaby McIlrea, William (I2483)
360 Witnesses at burial: Samuel A. McElrea; Willie McElrea; Joseph Davidson. McElrea, Robert (I2108)
361 Witnesses to his death: George Tooffe; Thomas Norton (husband of Ann Macilrae)
Witnesses to the death of his child, Mary: himself and Richard Reed
Witnesses to the death of his wife, Mary: himself and George Tooffe
Witnesses to the marriage of Ann Macilrae: himself and Daniel Macilrae. Ann signed and spelled her name something like Maclerea. 
Macilrae, Philip (I2468)
362 Witnesses were S. J. Craig and Maggie D. Allan Family F44
363 Witnesses: J. Jones; Thomas Armstrong. Thomas McElrea signed but with a very uneducated handwriting. Martha made her mark. Family F224
364 Witnesses: James McFarland, Andrew Harvey Family F432
365 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F485
366 Witnesses: R. J. Davidson; R. J. Davidson; W. T. Davidson. Davidson, John Henry (I2579)
367 Witnesses: Thomas Rowan (his mark); Thomas Norton Family F223
368 Witnesses:Philip Macilrae; Daniel Macilrae, neither of whom signed their names and both made their marks. Family F222
369 Worked for Pennsylvania Railroad for 35 years where he was a forman, Meadows Shops, Jersey City. He lived at 85 Van Reypen Street, Jersey City. He was ill for 2 years. McElrea, George Walter (I2161)
370 Works in iron works McIlray, Thomas (I3207)
371 Works in iron works. Living with Grandmother McElrea. Hong, James (I3215)
372 [date is difficult to read] Family F34

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