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McElrea, Cunningham

What happened to this son of Walter McElrea? According to family lore, he left Dunmullan and was never heard from again. Searches in records of Ireland, England, Scotland, USA, New Zealand and Australia so far have yielded zero information.
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McIlray, Richard - seaman 1801

Richard McIlray was a seaman who served on the sailing ship HMS Arrogant. He signed a will on 10 April 1801 naming his shipmate, James Hopley, as his executor and beneficiary. We have a copy of the will, but no other information about Richard.
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William Thomas Gallan and Florence May McElrea

Who are this couple in Victoria, BC? Vital Event Marriage Registration Groom Name: William Thomas Gallan Bride Name: Florence May Mcelrea Event Date: 1921 6 1 (Yr/Mo/Day) Event Place: Victoria Reg. Number: 1921-09-230609 B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B12906 GSU Microfilm Number: 2032869
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Robert McElrea - died in Essondale, BC 1952 at age 70

Where did Robert come from? Is he part of your family? Name: Robert Mcelrea Event Date: 1952 10 18 (Yr/Mo/Day) Age: 70 Gender: male Event Place: Essondale Reg. Number: 1952-09-010031 B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13213 GSU Microfilm Number: 2032862
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